Get togethers..

So, WordPress is being a little bit off tonight.. so this is going to be short and sweet..


Tonight was lovely..

The girls came over and I made salsa and guacamole that we had with chips and I also made dinosaur shaped shortbread cookies.. We had s’mores, fruit, and other things.. The night was definitely all kinds of awesome!

I spoke about who inspires me (other than my mother who is all kinds of super mum awesomeness) and why they do, what characteristics and qualities I like and how we serve other people.

After the girls left I tidied up, which thankfully took all of 15 minutes and I went to bed! I haven’t packed for my journey home tomorrow, but I have written a list so it should be pretty easy to do in the morning.. *she says with fingers crossed and eyes half closed*

I love the people I have in my world. They are amazing, thoughtful, kind, encouraging and generous among other things.

I am one lucky girl!

~ by originalapplejunkie on July 24, 2014.

2 Responses to “Get togethers..”

  1. It sounds like you really are one lucky girl!
    If you’re ever looking for a new guacamole recipe, check this one out on my blog:

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