We can do life without road rage…

We can do life without rage, period.

As I was leaving work, I heard what sounded like a car alarm except instead of making siren like noises it was constant. I continued walking down the street and the “alarm” was getting louder.

As I got closer, I saw a recovery truck, an ambulance and several security guards standing around.

There was a midnight blue Honda Civic that had smashed into a skip when trying to undertake someone who had cut him off whilst going down the road. The car horn was the “alarm” I had thought was going off and the front two airbags had been deployed. It was a write-off. The front of the car was crushed pretty badly, which is why I was surprised to see the driver walking around and seemingly having an argument with the recovery truck guy. His passenger? Not so lucky.

As I continued on down the road, sirens approached in the distance and several police cars sped past me to catch up to the scene. I didn’t bat an eyelid. These kinds of scenes are familiar ones.

Everyone is in a rush… A hurry. It is always now, now, now and never patience for waiting for the right moment. Or indeed letting something go.

That is kind of how some of us do life.

We have this now, now, now, all or nothing mentality when we should be patient in waiting for the right moment. God’s moment. I know it is easier said than done, but these days it seems like everyone is in a rush to get somewhere… to undertake someone else who they perceive to be doing better than them, and like that Honda Civic they crash, head on into a skip.. And they crash hard. Some don’t even have airbags because they are doing everything on their own strength then wonder why they can no longer hear what God wants for them.

We walk around shouting and arguing with the people trying to help us. We kick, bite and scream unfazed by those who are watching and taking people out in the process; our passenger, in this illustrated incident.

We need to change the way we do life.

We need to be patient, be slow to anger, let things go and listen to the voice of God.

We are not wiser because we think we know everything and want to do things in our own strength… It just makes things harder. You’ll know when you are not listening to that voice because that internal alarm; your horn, will be sounding within you. So loud that eventually you’ll have to listen… And it’s not by force. Of course you can choose to ignore it and continue to argue with your own recovery guys, but eventually your smashed up Honda Civic will have to be pulled onto that truck and the horn will stop sounding and what happens then?

We need to change the way we do life.

We need to be patient and willing with our ears and hearts open… And maybe next time when we are thinking of undertaking someone who we think cut us off… We’ll let it go and continue at our own pace.

We can do life without road rage…

We can do life without rage, period.

~ by originalapplejunkie on July 14, 2014.

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