There are some things that you can choose to hold onto that you shouldn’t. Things that will eventually start eating into your being.. Your soul. Then what would be left?

Bitterness is oftentimes derived from resentment. Something happens that offends you and instead of releasing whatever that thing was and the person who caused the offense, you seethe and stew and become angry.. Bitter. All the while that person has moved on and is living their life.

Things will only cause you offense if you let it. People may talk to you in a derogatory fashion, or say things that are not polite, but they way we choose to react to them is more important than what is said.
I can choose to ignore what you are saying about me. I can build a bridge and get over it. Yes it may hurt me in the moment.. but that’s just it.. a moment.

It’s okay to be quiet sometimes and just listen.

Choose to let it go.

~ by originalapplejunkie on July 12, 2014.

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