Summer Lovin..

I wear contact lenses when I am not wearing my glasses.
In the summer it’s not really a great idea for me to wear contact lenses as sometimes the pollen count gets really high and my hayfever kicks in. It wouldn’t have mattered how many allergen tablets I took.. How often I washed my face or the amount of Vaseline I used to line the inside of my nostrils.. Hayfever just takes over. Today was one of those days.

I check the weather every evening before bed and every morning before the gym (to see if anything has changed from the night before) in order to dictate what I am going to wear in terms of clothes, shoes, contacts and/or glasses.
I checked the weather this morning.. It was good.. Seemed okay.. I was fine all day.. Until I got home. I went back out to the shops to get some broccoli and I noticed on the way back my eyes had started itching. I thought maybe I had dry eyes.. So I rushed home in order to put my eye drops in.
I couldn’t take it. I took my right lens out and started itching my eye. It was horrible.. Within minutes it was red and puffy.. I couldn’t see anything out of that eye.. In fact I don’t even think I could open it! I took out the other lens and set it aside. The left eye wasn’t as itchy as the right.
I felt my way to the bathroom to wash my face under cold running water. It didn’t help.. Well it did in the moment, then as soon as I came up, the itchiness came back and I started rubbing away!

I don’t get sick often at all.. But I have allergies and intolerances that try to compensate for that. I don’t really need them to.. So they can go now if they want.. Lol.

I’m okay now.. Just relaxing in bed.. No contact lenses and no glasses.
It’s now time to rest my eyes and hope that in the morning everything will be fine 🙂

Cheerio.. X

~ by originalapplejunkie on July 10, 2014.

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