Sometimes some of us need to stop making excuses for life!

We complain about how we should be in a better job, have better finances or a better car – amongst other things… but we do not go about doing anything to change this… so this mindset grows and grows until we are able to convince ourselves that nothing, in the long run; would be worth changing.

How wrong can you be?

We need to start doing… NOW. Not yesterday, not tomorrow… NOW.

We also need to stop comparing a snapshot of what we see in someone else’s life to the video that are our lives. Let me explain. When we compare ourselves to someone else, we have no idea what they are going through, where they are in their lives or how they got there… But we are jealous of them because of what we see on the outside. We are looking at a snapshot; in essence, a still image of their lives and comparing it to the constantly running movie that are our lives.
Stop that. It is dangerous and destructive (Paraphrased from a teaching I heard from Pastor Paul Scanlon years ago at Church – it has stuck with me since I heard that message).

Stop making excuses for why you are not in your dream job or why you don’t have your dream car – and it doesn’t have to be material things either – stop making excuses for why you are not happy… everything starts and ends with you.

This is a message for me as well as you.

Stop making excuses.

Changes start with you. They don’t have to be big ones… but you have to start somewhere…



Have a blessed day x

~ by originalapplejunkie on July 9, 2014.

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