So today during my lunch hour I decided that I needed to go to the gym as I missed my workout this morning..

Three words.. So. Much. Pain.

It took me 40 ish minutes to do my workout, then I had to have a shower, lunch and get back to work.. My legs are not functioning that well after this afternoon. Thank goodness tomorrow is a rest day!


As the day progressed I wasn’t feeling too great.

I walked to Tesco after work to exchange something, headed home and literally climbed straight into bed to try to sleep it off.. I lay down for about an hour or so before “waking up” because it had gone past the time I usually have dinner and my body was starting to tell me so.

I was too weak to get up so I lay in bed for a little longer until I didn’t feel too bad and grabbed an apple while I made a quick salad for dinner.

My salad was made up of avocado, tomato and egg, which I topped with some grilled bacon bits.. It was soooo good.. and I also added 2 caps of balsamic vinegar.. I love the stuff!

photo (2)

I’m feeling okay now.. had some water.. and just sitting down watching an episode of Hell’s Kitchen with Gordon Ramsey before heading to bed..

I want another salad.. mmmmm 😛

~ by originalapplejunkie on July 1, 2014.

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