I feel like I am too blessed to not be a blessing.

This is not me bragging. I am appreciating the fact that whatever I do wrong – or right – no matter how far I stray and no matter what comes into my path God always has my back!

It He is amazing.. He decided he wanted to love little old me.. Gave me a hope and a future.. Has a plan for my life and has placed all these dreams inside of me that are wanting to burst out.

All he desires is my heart. My soul. My everything needs to be for Him. God will never force His way into our hearts.. Like a gentleman.. He knocks and waits patiently. Even when we have turned from Him – or even are yet to know Him – He is there. Just waiting.. patiently.

I am reminded every morning when I wake up that I am loved by Him. If I remember nothing else, I try to remember that. It is hard when you are going through something.. but he is there with us in that trial.. He never gives us more than we can bear – even though it may seem like that in the moment. There is always a plan and a purpose for it.

I used to sing a song when I went to Kids Church when I was younger. It was six lines. Six lines asking Jesus to come into my life.. I think I learnt it from Psalty.. *shout out to all the Psalty fans*

You don’t have to be perfect to decide you want to know more about Jesus. He loves us at whatever stage we are at and is patiently waiting for us to say yes.. You can come in 🙂
Jesus said come as you are.. not.. come when you have made yourself pure and Holy and when you are perfect. No.

Come. As. You. Are.

It is as simple as that.. And that’s the best thing about Him.


Into my heart
Into my heart,
Come into my heart, Lord Jesus,
Come in today,
Come in to stay,
Come in to my heart, Lord Jesus.


I feel blessed to be a blessing! x

~ by originalapplejunkie on June 24, 2014.

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