Bear the Mark

With all the highs and lows that I have with life on a regular basis you think I’d be learning life lessons at a faster speed.. But slow and steady.. You know?

If you know me – And I should think you all do! – music is a staple in my world. Emotionally.. It’s a lot of things. For me.. When all else fails – People included – I know 3 things that won’t fail me (outside of God of course!):
1. My pen;
2. Paper; and
3. Music
Growing up, music has always been a big part in my family and in life. From a young age I started exploring my vocals and my parents encouraged all of us to pick up an instrument when we said we wanted to learn.
I remember a day in the year 2000 I was 9 years old. For years, I’d been obsessed with saxophones.. Ask me why and I would still not be able to explain it.. But I loved them. We’d watch a lot of jazz and some other genres of music and when a saxophone appeared the world had to be quiet so I could listen. One day I remember my dad just coming home with one.. Like out of the blue! I mean.. Who does that?! I was so excited.. Music was – and is – still everything to me..

As I got older I started to listen to more.. I joined 2 choirs and a band. In those sessions I was introduced to classical music. That was another eye-opening time at 12 years old.
I listened to everything.. All the time.. Listening to all genres and loving them equally.
I was a late 80’s baby with older siblings which had a strong impact on what I listened to. I was always a lover of the old school hip hop type music.. The likes of Common, Mos Def and Lauryn Hill to name a few. Their vibe was chilled but defined. It was mood music.. Reminders of my childhood – which I know wasn’t Brooklyn, New York in the 90’s but London – those hot summers listening to jazz in the park and Lauryn hill on the radio.

It’s a staple.

Then I turned about 14 (I think) when all the ‘cool’ gospel music started becoming mainstream – 116 Clique, Da Truth, Jahaziel, LeCrae – I was again blown out of the water. Gospel music wasn’t anything new to me.. But the way they went about it was different and I was intrigued.

Fast forward to now.. My love of music is pretty much the same.. If not stronger.. I have favourites.. But I don’t discriminate. In my world I am lucky to be friends – and have a family! – of some amazing musicians, who in turn have more amazing talented musician friends (and possibly family).. It never ends! Lol
This morning a link was posted to a song from one of those talented friends (of a family member – are you still with me? Lol)

The music is phenomenal. The vibe is what really does it for me.. Before the song even started a snippet of the melody began and I was straight back to my childhood of sipping slushies whilst listening to live music somewhere in Euston.
The song is called Bear the Mark and is by a group called Earmark Collective. When I initially watched the video, I think what stuck out for me the most was the fact that this was that the vibe was old school hip hop with the genre being gospel. Now there is no problem with that.. I’ve just not heard it done quite so well in maybe ever!
The Earmark Collective are representing something I’m happy to be seeing a growing rise of.. Young people on fire for Jesus Christ and being unashamed of sharing that.

Earmark: Designate a particular outcome for (someone or something)

Enough of the talking.. With permission, here is the video..

~ by originalapplejunkie on June 14, 2014.

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