I’m so excited..

I used to line dance.. When I was younger.

I took classes in it and everything.. I used to river dance too..

A lot of the time it was Shania Twain.. or The Pointer Sisters.. but mainly Shania Twain. I will always maintain the rouse that I was born in the wrong era.. The first line of this post proves it! What child learns to line dance?! Of their own accord?!

I remember being in the hall and verbally running through the steps for the moves to “I’m so excited”.. Cross-side-step-step-cross-side-step-stomp!
I can’t even say I remember how I felt when this song first came out being as I wasn’t born until 7 years later!

I genuinely miss those days! Sometimes I still catch myself line dancing to a song that will come on that we used to jive to.. Yes.. I said jive.. And I love it!

Here’s a little journey back down memory lane for you guys.. And I’ve definitely still got it!

~ by originalapplejunkie on June 3, 2014.

2 Responses to “I’m so excited..”

  1. Gosh…I remember this era way too well…scary. I feel old now :-/

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