Lay the foundation..

My weekend wasn’t all that great.

There were some things that happened and I couldn’t smile about them, brush them off or build a bridge and get over. Those things then transferred to work today and so it wasn’t the greatest of days..

I could write down a lecture about why I should get over it. That how I am feeling will pass and that I will laugh about it later. Probably true. Right now I am trying not to throw myself a pity party. I refuse to let it get to that level!

I don’t think life is really about the things that happen to us.. I think it is a lot to do with how we choose to react to those things.. And today, I did not react well.. and I am definitely not proud of that.. but it happens.

I needed to let it out.. And this has been me laying the foundations of my bridge. There’s still a little way to go.. need to start collecting bricks and cement then I’ll be fine and dandy.

It’s raining outside..

~ by originalapplejunkie on June 2, 2014.

4 Responses to “Lay the foundation..”

  1. I’m a bit behind – for which I apologise – but I hope you’re feeling happier now. sometimes crap happens and we don’t come out as heroes… :-/

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