I can’t believe that we took on First Direct Arena, Leeds. Today marked day one of one of the largest gatherings.. If not the largest gathering of women – for God – in the North of England. It has been mind-blowing.

Today I was being taught to wear love.

Not bitterness or doubt.. Anger, fear or whatever else we may be having to deal with.. But love.

I learnt about how a little edge of something can become a wedge if not dealt with appropriately. About how these wedges can grow and stay with us for years causing us to be and act in ways that may be normal to us, but in fact are not normal at all.

Ever since I actively decided that wearing love was better than wearing depression, hurt, self-loathing and a whole host of other things.. I have been hearing and have become involved in a lot of things that are positive and make me thankful knowing the decision I made was the right one. I stopped the pity party. I started a course I was supposed to have started months ago but didn’t because of fear.. I’m just *genuinely* happy now.

I cannot wait to see what tomorrow will bring! I’m so excited.

Day One of the Cherish Girls Conference.. Bring on Day Two!


Yes.. I hashtagged something! I know right?! 😀 xx

~ by originalapplejunkie on May 29, 2014.

4 Responses to “#CherishConf”

  1. WOW a hashtag! O.O Lol – enjoy your conference. I’m sure you’re going to receive many blessings there 🙂

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