I had a not so nice day at work today.

A colleague snapped at me for no reason and then carried on as if everything was fine.
I’m not going to lie.. My happiness was stopped right there.. I could feel anger boiling up inside me.. It wasn’t what she said.. It was more the way that she said it.
I’d gotten in a mood because of it. Half an hour later I realised I was still in that foul mood and decided that I needed to snap out of it.
She didn’t seem bothered about the way she spoke to me and I was – I needed to shake it off and move on!

It’s been harder lately because I feel like I’m getting tested left, right and centre to see how I will react to different situations. I think that I am doing okay for now and actively choosing not to focus on the negative has made me feel miles better in the long run!

I woke up early this morning.. Not as early as I usually would – as today was a training rest day – but early enough to still be able to make my lunch for the next four days as well as dinner for tonight because I would be working late. Snacks were easy as I just grabbed some fruit and I was on my way. I got to work and in all the haste I realised that I hadn’t eaten any breakfast! Due to the fact that I didn’t workout I was focused completely on lunch and dinner! By 10am I was really hungry and had a banana and clementine.

Tomorrow I am up early to train.. So I will eat breakfast. Lunch had already been made so I will have more time to do what I need to get done before needing to be anywhere and I can’t wait!

I wanted to make shortbread cookies tonight as a treat.. But as I just got home and it’s already past my bedtime.. I thought I’d make them tomorrow.. Probably a better idea anyway šŸ™‚

Toodles for now šŸ™‚

~ by originalapplejunkie on May 27, 2014.

5 Responses to “*Wooooosa*”

  1. Yuck – I hate it when that kind of thing happens to me. It’s hard to shake it off isn’t it? But what else can you do?…

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