Crisis averted!

Today.. People tried really hard to harsh my mellow.. and for  a little while.. I almost fell back into that trap!

Today I was tired. I woke up with a headache – due to the fact I had gone to sleep later than usual – and I was clammy and felt a bit sick. Sort of like how I felt the day before.. Luckily today, I had a funny stomach in the morning, worked out and I have been fine for the remainder of the day.

My mellow was not harshed (made up word of the day)! Whoop!

It was such a lovely day.. The sun was shining.. There was an end of year BBQ for staff and students to commemorate winning the sports cup for the first time in 5 years and I got to visit my old colleagues and see my favourite lecturer. It has been a great day!

I had a run in with a few colleagues, but I didn’t let it get to me and carried on with my day.

There was a funny moment this morning around 10:30 am.

Every Wednesday morning in the office we have a team meeting. This morning I had to stay back, as it was my turn to man reception, answer the phones and deal with any walk in queries. At around 10:00 am I noticed that my bladder felt a little full. I start work at 8:15 am and from the time I get into work, fill up my 1 litre water bottle and make sure I keep hydrated. By the time it was 10:00 am I hadn’t realised that I had already gone through one litre and a half of water. I tried not to think about how much I’d had and got up from my desk to have a wander to keep my mind off my bladder. At 10:15 am I thought.. Right! I will just lock the door for 5 minutes whilst I skipped down to the bathroom and come back.
I looked on my colleague’s desk for the master-key – it was nowhere to be found. I went into the adjoining office and had a quick glance and could see nothing. I couldn’t just leave and close the door without locking it as anyone could just walk in! It was 10:22 am and I was starting to become a little panicked. I didn’t know what to do! I stepped outside of the office and closed the door, walking towards the bathroom. I stopped, looked at the door and headed back. Sod’s Law I would go to the bathroom and something would happen before I got back. I couldn’t risk it. I stood there dancing.. panicking in my head trying to figure out a way to get myself to the bathroom and back with no casualties! At 10:28 I heard heels approaching from the other end of the corridor. I walked to the door and peeped out. It was an academic that I was familiar with! We had a conversation that lasted a minute before telling her of my bathroom plight. Before I’d even finished talking, she offered to wait in my office for me and guard it until I came back! I ran like the wind!
When I got back, I couldn’t stop saying thank you! I know it sounds like such a silly thing to be happy about but the ending of this story could have been very different had she not come down the corridor when she did!

One and a half litres of water in two hours is a bit much when you can’t leave the office to go to the bathroom!
Funny thing is.. I’ll probably end up doing the same thing tomorrow! *he he*

~ by originalapplejunkie on May 21, 2014.

2 Responses to “Crisis averted!”

  1. Oh bless you! Someone was watching over you to make sure didn’t have an accident! 🙂

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