Rain on me..

I stood outside. The rain beating against my face, on my clothing.. my skin.

I looked towards the sky and I smiled. Soaking wet I smiled and exhaled.

I took my bag in hand and continued my way down to the train station. From when I left work, to when I got to the station it rained. For the 17 minute walk I took, the rain poured down.. people ran for shelter and I smiled.

I loved it. It was warm rain.. A monsoon almost.. In the UK – you ask? Maybe.. It seemed so.

It felt like 17 minutes of God’s love. I’d never felt so happy to be rained on. Never felt so glad to be caught without an umbrella and without a jacket.

I was in my element. I just felt loved.. Accepted.

I know this sounds ridiculous.. Like why am I not here typing about how annoyed I am at being soaked by the rain.. I don’t know.. But today.. I liked it 🙂

~ by originalapplejunkie on May 19, 2014.

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