Content II


The beauty of nature is believed to be in the eye of the beholder..

Today, I saw true beauty.

Driving this afternoon I had an incredible feeling of what it is like to appreciate and love life..

Over these past few days I have had a feeling of overwhelming love for everything I’ve come across.. Simple things that people forget or that we often ignore.

Taking a walk through a park.. breathing in.. exhaling.

Going for a walk because I wanted to.. not having anywhere to go or anyone to see.. I took my time.. looking up at the sun through the trees.. just appreciative.

I took a book and sat down on a bench. Legs crossed I looked around at happy people just.. being..

It is a day like today that allows me to be thankful for just being me.. Healthy, happy and free to just be.

The peace I have been feeling is incredible.. and I don’t want it to end..

Love living.. Love life..

It is definitely the little things.


~ by originalapplejunkie on May 17, 2014.

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