Lunch with Friends II


Was interesting.

I met my friend this morning and boarded a train into Leeds to church.
The service was good and I saw my lovely cutie of a baby – T. I hadn’t seen him a long time! So much so that he is almost minutes away from walking! I cannot believe it.. And I am probably impartial.. But he is also the most beautiful baby I have seen. The cuteness is ridiculous and I cannot stand it! I saw him.. Called his name and he looked at me, smiled and crawled over.. I wanted to eat his face. Like actually eat his face. Is that allowed?

My friends and I went on to have lunch at Leeds Trinity Kitchens. The kitchens are a space that include a lot of stands and stores that you can get various types of food from. We went for the Vietnamese Street Food at Pho. It was lovely.. I had some flat (and not fried!) noodles with tender beef that included onion, snow peas, cashews, chilli and lemongrass. It was really tasty. After that I was naughty and wandered over to the Chicago Rib Shack for some chicken wings.. They were tasty but probably not the healthiest.. We stayed in the kitchens for about 4 hours.. Catching up and talking before heading back into the city for the evening service.
I wasn’t feeling too good and I think I ate something that I have a mild allergy to as one side of my face has broken out in a rash.. so I waited at the train station and headed home while my friends went on.

All in all it was a really good day. I’m glad we hung out and I’m even more glad about the tasty food and seeing my handsome (baby) prince who recognised me after a long absence!

I’m now laying in bed waiting for my antihistamines to kick in so that the itching stops and thinking about my lunch for tomorrow πŸ™‚

Definitely a great day! πŸ™‚

~ by originalapplejunkie on May 11, 2014.

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