Lunch with Friends..

Tomorrow I have made plans to meet who friends I haven’t seen in ages for lunch after church.
This will be a test. I will need to choose the healthy option instead of just eating what I want – as I usually would. I am looking for foods that will be grilled, steamed and poached.. As opposed to fried, breaded and other not so healthy things – that I can’t think of right now!

It will be nice to see my friends.. 2 of them are both really special to me. They are brutally honest.. Even when I don’t want them to be and are always themselves. They’re awesome and I’m excited!

It’s past my bedtime now.. And I’m not eating again tonight so it’s bedtime! Night night!x

~ by originalapplejunkie on May 10, 2014.

3 Responses to “Lunch with Friends..”

  1. I hope all went well with both friends AND food! 🙂

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