Challenge complete!


I told you that when I finished my 30 day abs challenge I was going to let you guys know how it went!

So, I finished it on April 30th 2014 and that last day I did was the hardest day of the whole challenge!

Did I enjoy it? Very much so!

Did it work? Absolutely! I now have a flat stomach! My abs are actually starting to come through.. it’s kind of scary! Ha ha!

I always said I didn’t want to be ripped.. I just wanted slight definition.. and I think I am getting that!

A down side to the challenge was my slight weight loss. Because I was trying to trim the fat off my waist, I had to be in calorie deficit on training days and so have lost a bit of weight in other places. Upside (to that downside – ha ha) is that now I can bulk and put that weight back on whilst maintain my new svelte stomach! I am going to do it the good way by eating the right foods, eating more times during the day and doing more exercise to gain muscle instead of eating everything and anything and gaining fat!

Yesterday, on May 1st, I started a new 8 week challenge with one of my friends. Every week new challenges are sent to us and we can incorporate those as well as eat well to build muscle and gain the definition that we want. I am so aware of my health and fitness now.. more so than before when I wasn’t really too bothered because I’ve always had a fast metabolism so I thought being healthy didn’t apply to me.

Lies. It applies to everyone.

My favourite post-workout snack is 2 apples with some peanut butter (I’m sure cashew butter is better for me, but I am still getting used to the taste!) followed by 2 sweet potatoes and some oven baked/grilled chicken breast.

Healthy food is tasty too!

So there’s my update! I’m looking forward to this 8 week challenge.. this weekend I will make a calendar of my workouts after running my errands but before going to buy some groceries, I will also construct my meal plan for breakfast, lunch and dinner that I must stick to if I want this challenge to end on an awesome note!

I can do it.. I know I can.. I didn’t think I could do the 30 days but I did.. Onwards and upwards from here on in! #FitFabFemales

~ by originalapplejunkie on May 2, 2014.

5 Responses to “Challenge complete!”

  1. I am in awe – I couldn’t believe the regime you had to apply and it was frightening to think of. I’m beginning to think I should try and do my own like yours – at the moment my sit ups, weights, running and cycling exercises are maintaining a status quo rather than getting me fitter :-/

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