I have concluded something.
I don’t think people in my house like me that much.. Or respect the fact that I need rest!
Now this is not coming from a place of anger or judgement.. Definitely not.. More like a place of observation..

I arrived home on Saturday evening. I can’t remember when I headed to bed.. But I headed to bed. Sunday morning I was awoken by my mother so I could start getting ready for church. That was fine because I hadn’t set an alarm so that could have ended badly.
Monday morning I woke up with an upset stomach having gone to bed about 12:30am but having such a rough night waking up at around 5 so my insides didn’t explode!
As you already know, Monday night I spent with my brothers.. I didn’t get back to my parents house until 5:07am, went to bed just before 6 then was awoken when my parents usually leave the house (say around 9:00am.. I didn’t check the time) so they could say hi and bye to me before then having to get up because I couldn’t go back to sleep.
Last night I went out with my cousin. We went to a spoken word and live music event where we got home this morning at 12:20am.
We got ready for bed and were probably asleep just before 1:30am. This morning.. At 6 maybe.. She woke me up asking if I could plug her phone in to charge. I made a range of noises before getting up to assist. I was not impressed when I realised what she’d woken me up for and told her there was a plug on her side too! “Oh..” She said, giggling slightly. I was not impressed. She then got up again and turned on the light. I’m up. Cannot go back to sleep.. I am done.

People don’t like me. Or maybe it’s the idea of me sleeping they don’t like..
I don’t understand it. Maybe I should sleep under the bed.. That way if no one can find me then equally no one can wake me up!

I’m a morning person but if I haven’t really been asleep that long I will not be a morning person!
Despite this I am happy to be alive!

So.. Can’t get back to sleep.. If all else fails.. Workout!
*she grabs her workout mat and some water and heads downstairs*

I hope you all have an amazing day šŸ™‚ xx

~ by originalapplejunkie on April 23, 2014.

2 Responses to “Mornings!”

  1. LOL awww bless you!
    I hope you start getting some unbroken sleep soon šŸ™‚

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