Dreams and food :)

I woke up this morning not feeling the greatest.. I had a really weird dream where I really needed to go to the bathroom but all the ones I came across were either out-of-order or didn’t have tissue in them so in my dream I continued my frantic run.. Until I woke up – I know.. Awkward.
I dream a lot. About everything and nothing all at the same time.. It’s crazy.
A lot of dreams actually have me in a combat type situation.. Running or fighting or protecting someone else. A lot of the time I don’t know what it means so I’ll call my mother who usually has an explanation for all my craziness.

So I woke up.. And had the urgency to use the bathroom.. Like I said I wasn’t feeling too great. I decided to rise above how I was feeling as time was running out and I hadn’t yet started working out for the day. I had appointments to keep and I wanted a ride from my dad halfway to where I needed to go – if I didn’t put my foot down I would have had to take the bus! So I got out of bed, worked out, had breakfast and then a shower all within an hour and a half! I got dressed the fastest I have done in a while and ran our of the front door with my socks and converses in hand.. It was quite a sight!

It’s been a busy day.. And as I type this I am yet to reach my next destination – I am currently on route!
My parents told me they’d see me later when they dropped me off and I told them not to wait up as I’d probably be back late.. Which is fine 🙂
I need a car!

~ by originalapplejunkie on April 21, 2014.

2 Responses to “Dreams and food :)”

  1. What a busy life! Enjoy it while you can 😉

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