Easter Break!

Today was my last day of work until Monday 28th April.

I’m SO excited.

Today after work, most of the team went out for drinks and then food. It was really enjoyable and I got to know the people I have been working with more. I have only been working at my new job for four months and a day.. so I am still relatively new.. It was nice to go somewhere outside of work and relax.

I’m back home now because I started to feel unwell.. and for me, I’d rather feel unwell and be at home than feeling unwell and being out.. especially when it is also cold!

I haven’t done my workout yet.. but because I’m not feeling 100% I’ll do a light one. If it starts feeling too much I’ll take a little break, but it will get done tonight.. I mean the night is still young.. and it’s not my bedtime yet..


It’s Good Friday tomorrow.. and then all the other wonderful days that follow.

I’m going home this week.. and I haven’t told my parents yet.. It is supposed to be a surprise, but I will most likely be locked out when I get home and have to call for someone to let me in.. I don’t mind though.


I’m debating whether to go straight into my workout once I have finished writing this post or wait until 10:30 pm before I start.. That means I would have 30 minutes to relax.. but then I may get too relaxed and not be bothered to workout (which has not happened thus far) – or a more likely scenario.. I’d have to drag myself out of bed to do it and it wouldn’t be 100%.. Either way, because I don’t feel well I feel even more tired than I should and I am positive I can hear my bed calling me..

Maybe I can get in it and then get out at about 20 minutes past 10.. The problem with that is that my bed will be so warm and comfortable.. and it won’t want me to leave.. Oh.. Such a dilemma..


So I have decided to workout right now.. It’s probably for the best.. Let’s do this!

~ by originalapplejunkie on April 17, 2014.

4 Responses to “Easter Break!”

  1. lol at the end there!
    Happy Good Friday – I hope your plans pan out and you have a great time with your family. Good to hear about you going out with work friends. Really good to hear that 😉

  2. Wise Choice!
    I hope you’re having a blessed Spring Break!

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