I’m starting to feel like maybe I talk about food too much..?

What do you think?

Now that I’ve graduated, I have a lot more time to catch up on my hobbies.. a lot more time reading, working out, relaxing and COOKING. I like food. You can ask anyone that knows me. If I wasn’t dairy intolerant, then I’d probably be a lot heavier than I am now.. Definitely.

Earlier this evening, I decided that I wanted pancakes. I really wanted pancakes.. Just one would have satisfied me.
I couldn’t have any. I started looking at pictures of the crepe party that we had when I was in Portugal, and of all the other times that I just made pancakes when I wanted them.
Remember these.. Pancake day 3 years or so ago.. I do..

Photo Courtesy of ME!! American Style Pancakes..expect nothing less..and was awesome!

Photo Courtesy of ME!! American Style Pancakes..expect nothing less..and was awesome!

In a bid to be healthy, I decided to cut flour out of my diet for a little while to see if that had an effect.. I didn’t have flour that much really, I thought.. then when I stopped using it I realised how much I did have it in my diet!

The bottom line.. I want pancakes.

I hate when I have a craving for something! Unless I have whatever that something is, the craving doesn’t go away.. and if I attempt to quell the craving but it isn’t as great as I know it should be, depending on how good or bad the thing tastes determines whether I’m put off of it for a while or whether because I wasn’t satisfied it has made it worse.

*sigh* Food is definitely my first love..

All I want are pancakes..

~ by originalapplejunkie on April 16, 2014.

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