So silly!

I woke up this morning in a cold sweat, panicking.. my heart racing.

I sat up in my bed trying to figure out what day it was from my phone whilst at the same time trying to remember what day it was yesterday.

I’d had a bad dream.

It wasn’t even a bad dream.. but I felt distressed in the dream so I woke up and I was still distressed.. It was ridiculous!
In my dream, I was at work, finished work and came home.

I was just going about my business.. worked out.. watched some television then headed to sleep. In my dream.. Yes.. In the dream.. I woke up distraught, like I mean absolutely hysterical because I realised that I hadn’t added a post to WordPress before going to sleep.. which meant that for the first time since January started I had a gap!


I was distressed when I woke up – as I previously said – and when I took a moment to wake up properly and get my sensible head on, I realised how silly I was being and what a ridiculous dream I’d awoken from!

I looked at my phone again. 6:02. I still had 28 minutes before my first alarm went off.. so I went back to sleep shaking my head at myself for being so irrational..

The pressures of keeping up a blog.. *sigh*


~ by originalapplejunkie on April 4, 2014.

2 Responses to “So silly!”

  1. LOL I can sympathise with this from when I kept my 30 final days in Bangladesh series last December. That was only for one month but it was a nightmare! It is funny to think you’re having nightmares about wordpress though! 😛

    • Of all the dreams I could have had.. Better than the ones I’ve been having recently though.. nothing more stressful than dreaming people are trying to hurt you 😦
      Give me WordPress dreams any day!

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