Turn out the lights

It’s finally bedtime.

For the most part, my day has been okay.

I didn’t eat near as much as I needed to eat because I hadn’t done my weekly grocery shop so I had a small lunch. Mistake. After about an hour I began to feel sick and developed a headache.

I went down the stairs and across the road to get some tonic water and lemon to make me feel a little better. It helped. Tonic water, with a twist of lemon! Note that down guys!

Having already learned my lesson, I got home – after diverting to get some groceries – and made a vat of chilli con carne that I will have for my lunch tomorrow and on Friday. On Thursday, I’ll have baked (and maybe spinach stuffed) chicken with broccoli, sweetcorn and avocado… mmm.. Avocado..

I love cooking good things.

I like the occasional treat of a nice restaurant every now and again, but I like getting messy in the kitchen. I like feeding people. I enjoy it. The food is healthier because I know what’s going in it, it’s tasty because it’s usually from a recipe that I’ve previously used and adapted to my tastes and it is usually always a hit!

I got some salmon today. I am not a big fan of salmon. I think that it may be because I don’t know how to cook it, or fish in general, very well. I usually leave that side of things to my mum. I have cooked sea bass a few times, but not enough to be great at it. The last time I made sea bass, I had it with crushed new potatoes, caper dressing and a basic white sauce. It was surprisingly tasty. I can also cook scallops.. Thank you Marks & Spencer!

I am still expanding culinary-wise and I find it so exciting to have so many recipes that I haven’t tried yet. The thought of making something new gets me so giddy with delight and nervous at how it will end up turning out!

Although, as I said before, it’s finally bedtime.

It is time to say bye-bye to my screen and hello to my dreams 🙂

Night x

~ by originalapplejunkie on March 25, 2014.

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