Life Hack!


Making rice in the microwave?!

Why did I never know that this was something that you could do??

I was looking on the instructions on my packet of rice and it took me all of 10 minutes to realise that I was reading two different instructions. One for cooking my rice on the hob and another for cooking the rice in the microwave!

Microwave?! Sorry.. I’m still shocked!

So, I got a bowl out and measured out 120g of rice. It said on the packet that 60g of dry rice would produce 160g of cooked rice and I wanted more.. So I made more.

So I got out a bowl, poured my 120g of rice into my microwave proof container and poured in the 500ml of boiling water on the top. I gave it a good stir, covered the top in cling film piercing 5 holes in it to allow the steam to escape.
I set the microwave for 10 minutes as it told me to stir it halfway through cooking time. I put it in the microwave, optimistic and excited.
The 10 minute timer pinged. I opened the microwave.. ready to stir. The cling film had come off and some of the contents of the bowl were now the contents of the microwave. Just a tinsy, tiny, minuscule accidental explosion. Oops.

I wiped the microwave down and the rim of the bowl then I added some salt and gave it another stir before covering it in a fresh cover of cling film and again piercing holes to allow steam through.

I set the microwave for another 10 minutes and tried not to stare.

PING! It said to leave it to stand for 2 minutes. I looked at my watch – 22:07.. but as I wasn’t sure when the minute changed, I decided to leave it to stand until 22:10, just to be sure it got its full 2 minute resting time 😛

I opened the microwave.. The water had disappeared. There was a little left at the bottom but it was pretty much gone. I grabbed a spoon and stirred.. I tried some.

It. Was. Amazing. I started laughing, almost hysterically when I realised what I had just done.

I cooked rice. In a microwave.

Oh and it did not produce 160g cooked rice. It actually produced 200g – which is much better for me anyway 🙂

Yes. I know that this whole post was about rice.

Sorry. Lol

Actually, I take that back. I am NOT sorry! *he he*

Guess I don’t need that rice cooker after all.. Seems like I already have one 😛

~ by originalapplejunkie on March 11, 2014.

8 Responses to “Life Hack!”

  1. LOL this made me chuckle – especially as the whole thing took longer and with more cleaning hassle and whatnot than I ever take to make my rice (16 mins max :P). But I’m glad the discovery brought you joy 😉

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