I woke up this morning and I was very tired. So tired that I decided I wanted to sleep in for another 5 minutes – bearing in mind I didn’t hit my snooze button before making this decision. Big mistake. I’d opened my eyes and 5 minutes actually turned out to be 15!

I shot out of bed like I was on fire, popped my contacts in whilst simultaneously brushing my teeth and switching on the shower. I had in essence 7 minutes before I needed to leave my house so I didn’t miss the train – I needed to get a move on!

After having the faster shower in my life and throwing on an outfit, I looked at the time again. I had 5 minutes before my train arrived and I was still in my house. I grabbed my phone, watch, scarf, keys and bag and went flying out of my apartment door – which I am not quite sure now that I closed? Oops.

I stepped outside and realised that it was raining. Hard. I had no time to register what was happening and decided that an umbrella would slow me down, so I just started running. Down the stairs, round the corner, over the road then onto the main road. 3 minutes to go. I started walking briskly and then thought that maybe I should put my umbrella up otherwise I’d get to work looking like a drowned rat. I got my umbrella out and continued walking faster. 2 minutes. My brisk walk turned into a sprint and I looked over the road before cross-running. My athlete head kicked in and I made it to the train just before it pulled into the platform.

A colleague was at the station, so I got on the train and stood with her for the 4-6 minutes it took for the train to reach our station. We got off the train and walked to the bus stop to get the bus to work. It came and we got on it.

I still hadn’t recuperated from my train sprint completely when I’d finally sat down on the bus. I was hot. Ridiculously hot. I undid my jacket and started fanning myself. When I get hot and it’s cold outside I either sneeze or start sniffling just because I’ve gone from hot to cold or vice versa.
Luckily this morning I wasn’t having a sneezing fit (because apparently when I sneeze it sounds like someone has stepped on a dog’s tail – apparently) –  I was just sniffling. I don’t know if I’d been doing it a lot or anything, it’s just something I do, I’m used to it. Out of nowhere a gentlemen says “You need a tissue.” That was it. It was a question. It was very firm and very rude. I was so shocked I almost started giggling. He didn’t even turn around when he did it.
My colleague had to hold her breath so she didn’t laugh. I was thinking.. Er.. What? I didn’t think that my sniffling was that bad, but apparently it was irritating some of the passengers. After he said that, he got off at the next stop. It was just the weirdest thing. I feel like I got told off for sniffling.. I thought it was funny though and continued on my journey chuckling until I got in to work.

This afternoon, I sneezed in the office. One of my colleagues looked up at me.. stared for a second and then said “You need a tissue.”

Ha, ha. Very funny.

~ by originalapplejunkie on March 7, 2014.

2 Responses to “Er..?”

  1. lol you bad girl – disturbing the passengers like that 😉
    Next time do what I do – I have multiple alarms set to wake me up every 10 minutes or so. I HATE getting up in the mornings… :-/

    • I’m usually fine getting up in the mornings.. I’d just gone to sleep later than usual the night before.. definitely wasn’t expecting to be so tired in the morning 😦

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