My feet are weird.

Please excuse my manners. I do not like talking about feet but I feel this has to be said.

My feet are weird.

They are wide and flat. They are the only part of my body that annoy me to no avail. Annoy me because it is a struggle to find shoes that fit me that are flat. If they are ballet pump type shoes, they usually start off okay and then over the course of me wearing them start getting closer and closer to the ground as if I’m not wearing shoes at all and I’m talking like after about 3 weeks.

So.. The other week I bought some new shoes. Not the boots that I blogged about.. shoes. They were ballet pumps but had a little bit of give so they didn’t touch the ground. They were also ‘Wide-Fit’ which is always a bonus.
They were purchased when I saw them and up until this week never gave me any trouble at all. Then out of nowhere.. Pain. It was my toes, it was my heels, it was the arch in my foot. 
These shoes DO fit me.. but for some reason this week they decided they didn’t like me anymore.

I always refer to shoes as foot prisons and try not to wear them whenever possible. I mean, I slide around my office at work in socks.. every day.. that’s how bad it is. 

I wish there were some kind of shoes you could get that would adapt to the shape of your feet and were comfortable.. and warm.. and kept out water.. and maybe debris.

So today my heel bled. For the first time ever.. ever! I was so shocked I didn’t quite know what to do. I stared at my ankle for a little bit before hobbling across the office to get a plaster. I was devastated. I know it sounds way over the top but I was. I couldn’t believe it. I looked at my shoes and I hated them. Then I had to go to a 3 hr training course so I had to wear my shoes and again I wasn’t happy.

I want to get a shoe horn, but I doubt that will make much different to the irritation.
I mean.. I could wear other shoes.. but they’re not really weather/work appropriate – and that sucks.

We should revolt against these foot prisons that society calls shoes!


Okay 😦

~ by originalapplejunkie on February 20, 2014.

4 Responses to “Ouchies..”

  1. No I agree! Down with shoes! You would love Bangladesh because it’s sandals at most and usually (and always indoors) barefoot. Wonderful and total bliss! 🙂

  2. Is it fine if I tweet about this article?

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