False Alarm

I just spent the better part of one hour standing outside my apartment block because the fire alarm was going off.

I wasn’t going to leave as I am not feeling too good.. but after 10 minutes, I decided maybe it was best to. I put my jacket and boots on over my pajamas and attempted to leave my apartment. What I didn’t realise was that the fire alarm triggers the ventilation system to suck all the air in the corridors up a vent, so in an actual fire the smoke would be taken up into the system and released outside so that we wouldn’t be trapped or engulfed; which is excellent for when there actually is a fire, but if there isn’t it just means that you can’t open your door because of all the pressure the ventilator is creating.

I finally got out and stood outside in the rain with everyone else. We gave up on trying to figure who set off the alarm and everyone trickled back inside.

It’s still going off, and the fire trucks have been and gone and there is clearly no fire.. I just want to sleep 😦

The panel is signalling that the “fire” is coming from an apartment on my floor.. but nothing seems to be burning. We knocked on the guys door and he said it wasn’t him and opened up his room to show us all.

I wonder how long it can really continue to sound for.. and if I hit it with a hammer will it stop?


~ by originalapplejunkie on February 19, 2014.

8 Responses to “False Alarm”

  1. Same happened to me a few years ago. 😦

  2. Oh dear! Sure it wasn’t your cooker again? 😛

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