Nandos date..

I just finished doing a light workout. I’m shattered. I really shouldn’t drink on a school night.

Oh that’s right. I’m a working professional now. I think I dislike that phrase but I’m not too sure why.

After work today, I went back to visit my old workplace because I was meeting up with a friend (who also happens to be an ex-colleague) for dinner, drinks and a general catch up. I haven’t really seen her much since I started my new job so it was long overdue.

As soon as I stepped into my old workplace, everyone looked up at me, screamed and ran towards me. I got loads of nice cuddles! They told me they missed me and said that I should come back and work there.. If only it were that simple.. but I miss them too 😦

It really was one of the best jobs I’ve ever had..

So my friend and I headed to Nandos. I had some chicken wings, a butterfly chicken breast piece with peri salted chips and coleslaw and my friend had olives and a beanie wrap with peri salted chips and perinase and we both had water.. because we are healthy like that!

We talked about all the changes that were happening with work and in life and it was nice to talk to her after so long. After dinner, we decided that we didn’t want dessert from Nandos, but we wanted to go next door to JD Wetherspoons for dessert and drinks.

I ate a lot today. Like a lot a lot. Hence why I got home, changed into my workout gear and did a bit of a workout. I’m not sorry for what I ate though.. and if I had the choice I would do it there!

photo (1)

Oh yeah.. Three years ago today I started this blog.. Thank you for all the people who have liked, commented and followed me on my blog. It started off as random ramblings and slowly became a place where I could meet, share my thoughts and feelings and ‘talk’ with friends. All of you are amazing for the support and encouragement you’ve given me over the years.. and for the bloggers that have become friends I’m so grateful that I met you.. Confessions of an Apple Junkie wouldn’t be the same without all of you!

Happy 3 year blogoversary to me!

~ by originalapplejunkie on January 29, 2014.

2 Responses to “Nandos date..”

  1. Happy birthday to your blog! I’m also very glad you had a good time – sounds like a very happy time with food and drink. I’m quite jealous 😉
    Here’s to the next three years of blogging Miss Apple – I’m looking forward to continuing on the journey with you 🙂

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