Is the sunrise so beautiful.

I woke up this morning and didn’t realise I was running late. Before leaving my house I looked at the time and realised I only had 4 minutes to get to the platform to get my train. I hadn’t even finished putting my jacket on.. I’d already missed it. The one after that was in 7 minutes. I’d missed that too.

I left my house as the next train after the two I was due to miss was in 10 minutes.. and I saw this.

photo 1

It was so breath-taking I had to stop to take the photos.

photo 2

I love the sunrise.. Reminds me of Portugal mornings by the side of the River Tejo..

~ by originalapplejunkie on January 21, 2014.

11 Responses to “Beauty”

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  2. I think I’d miss a few trains just to capture these photographs! There is so much beauty in the world, sometimes we are so busy we forget to look. Thank you for sharing these with us!!

  3. I hope you didn’t miss the third train too taking the photos! 😉

  4. its amazing what we miss by rushing around …slowing down you see things differently !! think the picture is beautiful…

    • Thank you. It’s true.
      Everyone is always doing things at 100 mph, myself included; sometimes it’s just okay to be still..

      • its awesome if you can go slow one feels so much more though and that i battle!
        Also ive noticed never mind taking practice to do this it allows stuff to empty in your mind as you not forcing it away!

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