Clumsy Fingers..

I am beyond frustrated right now.

My laptop isn’t working so I typed my whole post out on my phone.
Wanting to copy and paste it into WordPress I pressed paste instead of copy and the post deleted itself and was replaced by something I’d copied previously.

Had I known about the “shake to undo” feature the iPhone holds I would have used that to retrieve the “lost” post but I didn’t realise that once you left the notes application you can only undo up until the point you exited and not before.

How frustrating!

I am about to attempt sleeping now for the third time.. Tomorrow will be better.

Night x

~ by originalapplejunkie on January 11, 2014.

4 Responses to “Clumsy Fingers..”

  1. lol I’m sorry but I’m quite pleased to see this post despite how disgruntled you sound. I’ve missed your ‘mishaps’ and have happy memories of giggling away to myself reading your posts over the years! Now they’ve gone digital!

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