My day

I have finally finished.

I was doing the same piece of work for 2.5 days and this morning… I finished.

I felt so great I shimmied (yes I think I made this word up..Robin can advise! :P)up and down the office doing my extremely bad moonwalk and spinning round in circles.

The week has been a long one. It feels like it has been 2 weeks rolled into one.

My sleeping pattern is hectic and all over the place. I should stop napping when I get back from work and maybe that would fix it slightly. Or not.

I’ve been sipping on orange juice and eating Thai Sweet Chilli coated nuts all day. Is that bad? I do feel a bit sick and it definitely wasn’t the nuts. I don’t usually drink orange… as it tends to make me feel a little nauseous after a while… Well after 11am. I guess I just answered my own question then…*she takes a sip from her cup of orange juice*

My plans for the weekend include washing my hair, deep conditioning then letting it hang (or puff) wild and free.

Oh. I am also officially the post-it queen. Being the newbie (and the youngest) at work, means I get to learn all the new things about the way the office works and put them on lovely colourful notes and stick them all over my desktop. I’ve started taping them on now as they keep falling off. Does that mean that they should come off now? I think I’m going to keep them.

I have a window in my new office. I can see a lot of the city from my window and it looks amazing. Especially when the sun is coming up in the mornings and it starts getting darker in the evenings. I didn’t have a window in my old office. Well I did have a little one – but it used to face a brick wall. I know. Beautiful(!)

I hope you have all had a wonderful day!

I’m so happy it’s the weekend! 😛

~ by originalapplejunkie on January 10, 2014.

4 Responses to “My day”

  1. I got distracted here thinking about thai sweet chilli flavoured nuts, the idea of your hair being wild (photos possible? 😉 ) and wondering what happened to drinking Apple juice my dear Apple junkie?!
    I’m also glad you have a good view from your office window though 🙂

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