Day 341..#That Awkward Moment..

That awkward moment when you arrive in class, sit down, take your jacket off and accidentally pull the pin out of your rape alarm.!

My lecturer looked at me as if to say what is that noise? And my classmates started giggling at the fact that it was so loud and I couldn’t find the pin!


That has never happened to me before..but I am having a lot of “first-time moments” this year.

It all ended up being funny, and the guys behind laughed and made silly jokes..but all in good jest..definitely nothing offensive!


At the end of class, one of the guys asked me why I have a rape alarm.

I was like..”Because it’s also a torch!”

He was like..”Oh..kay..?”

I think they think I’m a little strange..oh well! 🙂


~ by originalapplejunkie on December 5, 2012.

6 Responses to “Day 341..#That Awkward Moment..”

  1. I got a good laugh over this, but the alarm is a smart idea!

  2. Oh my goodness I just howled out loud as I read that and woke my wife up who was sleeping in bed beside me! That is just so funny!!!!!! 🙂

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