Day 336..#Taking a Break

I’m taking a break today.

I had lectures this morning, they finished and I came back home, had lunch and did a bit of reading.

Around 4pm, I decided that by 5pm, I should be back at the University to get some work done, and because it’s Friday, the library closes at 9pm (although the actual building doesn’t shut until 4am I don’t think because of the themed Friday Night Disco we always have).

Anyway, at around 4:30pm I got my stuff together, packed my bag and headed into University to meet a friend so we could study together.

I got there and waited, and whilst waiting was on the phone to a friend. After an hour and a deeply intense conversation, my friend arrived and said she was hungry and that we should go back to hers and eat something (because neither of us had eaten much that day anyway). I told her if I leave the Uni, I wouldn’t be coming which she responded that she didn’t plan on studying tonight.

So we went to hers, had a bagel, then some pasta, then fish and chips before she fell asleep and before I knew it I’d woken up not having known that I’d also fallen asleep!

I excused myself, grabbed her keys, let myself out and posted her keys back through the front door and made my way over to my house.

It is -3 degrees Celsius outside, so as I walked home, my teeth were chattering and my fingers cold as I was holding my laptop in my arms..

I’m taking a break today..

It’s better to be well rested and part way through my assignments than overworked and burnt out!

~ by originalapplejunkie on November 30, 2012.

12 Responses to “Day 336..#Taking a Break”

  1. enjoy the much needed break!!

  2. Enjoy your break. Oh you mentioned fish and chips 😦 I could SOOOOOOO eat some right now! Alas, it’s curry all the way here – which I enjoy but it ain’t fish and chips!!

  3. It is always nice to take a break. You have been working hard and you deserve it. 🙂

  4. It’s good to take that break.
    Very cold here too and we just lost power this morning. Fortunately McDonalds has power so my little one and me are sitting there now eating breakfast. I hope you enjoyed your relaxing day

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