Day 334..#Distractions..

I can’t concentrate.

I’m sitting at University trying complete work and I’m really struggling.

Friends coming to say hey..having needing several toilet breaks (on account of me having way too much water today) and just general things that if you didn’t have so much to do would be welcoming.

Too many distractions..thoughts..a busy day..a good one..but busy.

I also think at the same time that I ate too many doughnuts..or maybe they ate me..I haven’t quite figured it out yet.


I’m also falling behind on the reading of a lot of your posts!

I promise that I will catch up with them soon and I appreciate the comments everyone leaves on my posts (even though sometimes it takes me a while to get back to you)..I really do appreciate it.


I’m going to try to get back to my work now..Until tomorrow

~ by originalapplejunkie on November 28, 2012.

12 Responses to “Day 334..#Distractions..”

  1. Sometimes you can only do what you can do. If that makes sense. 🙂

  2. Understood with the distractions. That’s me every day I think lol.
    Everyone understands you are busy and can’t keep up on blogs. Never do your reading as a responsibility, but as a pleasure when you have time.
    Hmm, all I can think about now is donuts

  3. This makes me feel so much better. I think that wifi/broadband is a nightmare for this. I seem to spend more time catching up on my blog reading than doing my own writing. I must remedy this! Hope things got less distracting for you later on. 🙂

  4. Chill girl! Relax – we’re not going anywhere. 🙂

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