Day 332..#Bargain!

I did something awesome.

I have been looking for cheap train tickets down to London for Christmas break for a while..and the fact that I have no money has made it even harder, because if I found a “cheap” train ticket, I still couldn’t afford it.

Yesterday, I went back online, just to do a search like I had done previous days before.

Several factors prevented me from buying my ticket weeks back when I had money, some of those factors include:
– not knowing my university timetable,
– not knowing my work schedule, and;
– not knowing when my deadlines would be for my university work.

I would look, but in an attempt not to waste any money, I wouldn’t buy.

Now, I have a Young Person’s Railcard that I renewed in September of this year so it is valid for the next 3 years and gives me one-third off all train tickets purchased, along with some other lovely bonuses.

With this card, the cheapest ticket I found to get me to London was for £8.60, which is EXTREMELY cheap..but even as cheap as it was, I couldn’t afford it right now.

I get paid from work on the 28th of every month, so I was crossing my fingers that when I get paid this Wednesday, the price wouldn’t have gone up and I could purchase my ticket – back to the story – yesterday I went back online to do a search like I had done previously for the days before. I breathed a sigh of relief. It was still £8.60..problem was, those prices could go up overnight..not substantially, but you know..enough.

Out of curiosity..I went onto another website that I use that I know usually has cheap tickets and I looked through their website to see if I could find some cheap tickets.

I entered in my travel destination, added the date and the method of transportation I wanted and I pressed the enter key.

I burst out into spontaneous laughter!

£6.00, £5.00, £5.00 and £1.00.



There was a ticket available on the date I wanted to go, using the method of transportation that I wanted for £1.00 with a 50 pence booking fee which meant that the total I was paying to get from Bradford to London was £1.50!

I was laughing so much as I paid for the ticket then and there!

That I could do!

Bradford (where I study for University) is between 3 and 6 hours away (depending on the mode of transportation you opt for) from London (where I live with my parents and other siblings outside of term time), so you can understand why I would like to take the train..I would like to spend as little time travelling as I can..just because!

I’m so happy that I caught this bargain!

The funniest thing is..I checked again this morning, and what was £1.00 yesterday has gone up to £5.00 today! Which I guess still isn’t much, but I’m so glad I decided to check that website and snatch up a bargain when I saw it!

*does her happy dance*

~ by originalapplejunkie on November 26, 2012.

12 Responses to “Day 332..#Bargain!”

  1. Nice work! I wish I had that luck with my travel expenses, but I do try to save money as much as possible

    • You will have that!
      I mean it hasn’t yet worked on plane tickets or anything.. That would be amazing I would shout from the rooftops!
      Thanks for the comment Scott.. Always a pleasure =)

  2. God wanted you to have the ticket!!

  3. Wow, you buy well, I used to travel from Newark nearly every Sunday to Victoria Station in London, it used to cost about £40, no wonder I went broke, I should let you buy my tickets in future.

  4. Oh you and your “Young Person’s Discount.” Way to make a gal feel old! I get the “Old Person’s Discount” whether I want it or not!

  5. Hi, Apple. I nominated you for an award:

    Hope you accept it!

    Love, Bird

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