Day 323..#Team Amazing!!!

Tonight was the ending of an amazing conference!

It started yesterday evening and lasted all day today and I’ve just gotten home!


Without a doubt, I can say that today, I have served with some of the most amazing people! They are people who go above and beyond in everything area they find themselves involved in and they do so with a smile!

I couldn’t have been placed a better team if I’d have tried!

I made some amazing friends today that I sure I’m now going to add to my world..and I can’t wait!!

You know it’s true friendship when you are full on choking and can’t breathe and instead of patting you on the back they sit down next to you in stitches laughing..*ahem..Jade!* 

They are the sugar to my tea..the ying to my yang..the coconut milk in the *he he*..well you get the idea! Ooh! And they randomly break into song like I do..or they join in..which is like phenomenal!!

I think I’ve found my calling! *he he*

Here’s the last photo of the day (it’s not all of the people I was on team with, but it was some – we’re missing 5-6 more people!):

From the back (left) to the front: Jade, Fi, Charlie, Yes..that is me on the right! Yes..I was excited, and Leah! 😛

I hope everyone has had an amazing day!! 🙂


My excitement may have had something to do with the apple juice I had today..Thought I’d just throw that out there! 😀

Bedtime for me now..It starts all again for me tomorrow morning at 8am!



~ by originalapplejunkie on November 17, 2012.

8 Responses to “Day 323..#Team Amazing!!!”

  1. so happy that your day was filled with joy!!

  2. Glad you had a great time there! Did I detect your name creeping out in that post?! 😉

  3. What a HUGE smile, Apple! 🙂 Also, is it Leah at the front? She’s chuffed as well! So fab that you’ve had this wonderful experience! 🙂

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