Day 319..#Random Ramblings VI

My big brother and I had a lovely conversation yesterday.. was more in my frustration, I talked at him (on the phone) and he listened.

He’s a really good listener..and I can talk to him about things that I would otherwise maybe struggle a little to talk to my sisters about..namely guys and my frustrations surrounding the topic.


Now I walk pretty fast, like just generally walk with a sense of urgency, developed over the 5 years I had to walk up to the bus stop to get to Secondary School in the morning.

We lived at the bottom of the road, the bus stop was on the top.

It’s a 10-15 minute walk depending on the speed at which you walked. On a good morning I could get there in 6-7 minutes. I was forced to learn to walk fast to catch up with my sisters who always steam rolled ahead..or get left behind.

Imagine me, a little twelve-year-old, running to keep up with my sisters, with my school bag AND carrying a saxophone in a case that was almost the same size as me (the padded saxophone cases you could wear on your back were a luxury at the time!)


Anyway, last night, instead of steam-rolling ahead to try to get home as fast as possible, get something to eat and climb into bed..I walked slowly down the streets of Bradford.

Step by step, one foot in front of the other inhaling it all in.

Bradford isn’t that big a city, but it’s absolutely stunning at night. I love cities in the night time..which is probably why I take so many late night walks and early morning strolls.

So I walked down the street, absorbing the scenery whilst talking to my brother on the phone.

It was so..peaceful..even though I was frustrated and mind was at ease and I noticed my surroundings, almost for the first time.

I always hammer on about being a good listener and thinking before you brother is a perfect example of this. He will listen to you and not say a word..but you know he’s listening and will always come out with something that is both encouraging and honest (even though sometimes he likes to throw a few jokes into the mix because he thinks he’s funny)..but he truly is amazing.


He’s really special to me and I appreciate him so much..and I probably don’t say it enough..but I guess he knows..

They always know 🙂


(P.S. I don’t quite remember where I learnt Roman as far as I’m concerned, I could be making these symbols up as I go along..please feel free to point out if you think I am..but I’m pretty sure that I’ve written 6! :P)


~ by originalapplejunkie on November 13, 2012.

24 Responses to “Day 319..#Random Ramblings VI”

  1. how wonderful to have a brother who you can converse with and also is a great listener

  2. Hi, I know you’ve had this versatile blogger award from others before but I thought I’d throw it your way again, just to show you how much I enjoy your blog and anyway Bones would kill me if I nominated others and not you!

  3. You have an amazingly special brother. You are very blessed.
    I may have asked this before but…do you still play the saxophone? I play alto. I do get a sense of deja vu that we might have done this once already but, hey, you can never talk sax too much!

    • I think we have spoken about this before..oh well!
      Yes, I play Alto Sax, I didn’t take it to Portugal with me I haven’t played for just a little over a year now..I’m a little rusty! 😛

      • Get playing girl! I get the feeling you would look good behind a saxophone! You got the right kind of look. I, alas, just look like an old and balding teacher when I play!

      • That’s not true! You wouldn’t look like a balding teacher! ha ha!
        I’ll probably pick it up again in the new year..I could make time for it now..but I want to be able to build it into a new routine.. 🙂

  4. Ok you do that! Oh and by the way – you got the six right! 😉

  5. brothers are awesome!!

  6. Such a lovely post, Apple! 🙂 Very sweet relationship you have.

    I was thinking about you today in the fruit aisle of ASDA. My mum and I were contemplating buying apples which were pretty expensive. Apparently my two red delicious were almost as much as her 4 pink ladies! Can you believe that?! They’re pretty heavy. I shall enjoy them! 🙂

  7. It is nice to slow down and just take in your surroundings. Sometimes it feels like time actually slows down with you. That is how I feel right now in Bali. Things are much slower here. I love being productive and have to tell myself all the time, that there is no rush. I am on vacation. Good for you. 🙂

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