Day 313..#Random Ramblings V

Today has been a long day..

I started off going to my morning lecture (On time this week people! Yay me!)..then from 1:45 to about 4:45 I had to go into church for my Starbucks training..then after that headed home.

I took a detour to Uni and went through the Students Union to pick up something that I had managed to leave there yesterday and hope no one ate (which they didn’t)..and I headed back up the stairs towards the library for the exit.

That’s when I got kidnapped.


I got a message during my training from a guy in my class telling me that he needed help defining his aims and objectives for his Final Year Project.

I wanted to help..but I didn’t have time to respond to the message..was thinking of home and what I was going to eat (I missed lunch and had only eaten breakfast so I was so hungry it wasn’t even funny!) and I completely just forgot to respond.

Anyway, on my way out of that building, I saw him..he saw me..and he kidnapped me.

The horror!

We headed to the library, which was where he’d left his stuff and managed to get quite a bit of it done, as well as procrastinate a little bit as well..

After about 1.5 hours..he decided he needed to use the bathroom, and I told him that was my cue to head home.

We got to the ground level of the library and I saw one of my friends wearing THE MOST lovely boots!

I looked at her and scoffed..”Oh my gosh! Where did you get those from? How much? When??”

I’d asked so many questions and she hadn’t even answered one!

When I stopped and gave her time to answer, she told me all I wanted to know then said if I ever wanted to borrow her boots I was welcome to..then she asked what size I which I responded..and guess what?! We are the same shoe size..!

So I left the library..forgot about how tired and hungry I was and tried on her boots!

I then tried to run away with them on..and realised I had left my house keys, defender alarm and bottle of water on the table!

Darn it!

*They do look a tad funny from this angle though..ha ha*

Then I took off the boots and made my way home..


Long day..


~ by originalapplejunkie on November 7, 2012.

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