Day 309..#Family Fortunes!

Today, I woke up late.

I felt a little better than I did yesterday, but not 100%..after I’d finished writing that post, I felt ill again and hoped that I’d feel better soon..and around 11:30pm, I did start to feel better..which was great because I was able to go to sleep!

Anyway, I got myself ready, dressed and then headed to church to help out with the Campus Clear Out that we’ve been having.

Myself and a friend had been assigned the Kids Church cupboard to clear out..and I wouldn’t really say we were assigned more so than we volunteered! Stress!

Here is the before photo:

And here is the after:

We only managed to get half of it THREE hours!

I know right!

We patted ourselves on the back very nicely for that one!


So, Family Fortunes!

I’m sure everyone knows about this game show, and how it works!

For the past four weeks at church, we’ve been hosting a Family Fortunes games night (with our own Les Dennis!), with the topics so far being relationships, family and parenting (I missed the first Sunday evening, so I don’t know what that topic was) and this Sunday (also the last Sunday we will be hosting the show), it will be on Friendships..and I’ve been asked to do the be on one of the teams!

I’m so excited and so scared at the same time!

I’ll be standing on stage in front of an audience of around 1,400 people..I already have butterflies!

I really hope we don’t lose! I do not lose well!

Wish me luck!!



~ by originalapplejunkie on November 3, 2012.

9 Responses to “Day 309..#Family Fortunes!”

  1. good job!!!!!

  2. Wow – that’s a tidy cupboard! And a huge congregation! I reckon you will have a good laugh, just enjoy it! Drink some peppermint tea, that might help to settle your stomach. Can’t wait to hear how it all goes. 🙂

    • took a lot of playing air music and some other incentives to get that least we got half done..Hopefully that side will stay clean until we get to do the other half..
      Butterflies..eeeek! I’ll have to get some tea and hope I don’t need to use the bathroom..I have a nervous well as a nervous bladder!

  3. Best of luck Apple! I hope you win or, at least, lose gracefully if you have to!

  4. Hands have been held up in horror at the prospect of — gasp! — such common behaviour being allowed in church. But actually, I think the dusty old C of E — which often strives so pathetically to be trendy — is right: anything that encourages couples to get married in church has to be better than the alternative, which is marrying elsewhere or not at all.

    • Our church is non-denominational!
      We encourage people just to the face of God and meet new people..
      I make no judgement on what happens in churches..and I believe we all worship the same God..
      I don’t really think it’s about being trendy..I think it about reaching out to our neighbours, friends and communities.
      Thank you for your comment! Much appreciated =)

  5. I’m reading backwards. Sorry. It is awesome what you all accomplished with that storage room. I think I need you all for my garage. 🙂

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