Day 306..#Study Abroad Fair!

I think that today has been the best day out of my week so far!

It didn’t even bother me that I walked home in the rain from University because I couldn’t find my umbrella in my bag =)


This morning started off quite funny!

I woke up around 8..snoozed for a little bit, jumped in the shower around 8:45, came out a little after 9..rushed to get dressed..then at 9:30 made some toast and had some yoghurt and fruit and literally ran into my landlord on the way out.

I rushed to the other side of campus in 6 minutes flat which is pretty fast, walked up to the door..peered in and the lights were off and the door locked.

I scratched my head confused. “Is there no class today?” I thought to myself whilst at the same time scrolling through my email to see if I’d missed anything on the rush over.

5 minutes later the light bulb in my head came on.

“Class starts at 11!” I said aloud to myself! Week 6 of lectures and clearly I’m still not with it! So I went back home, did some things in my room, then left to go back to class again!


After class, I had been asked to assist in the Study Abroad fair that was going on, and represented Portugal with three other Portuguese students and another home student like myself who also went abroad to Portugal during the last academic year.

We all had individual stands, and the public had to vote for which stand they thought was the best.

Fast-forward to about 5:30pm, and they called all those who were left of us over and announced the winners.

“In joint third place, we have Portugal and the USA!”

“What?!” I said..I was so confused..our stand wasn’t even all that great! ha ha..and I don’t usually win anything that isn’t sport I was again..extremely confused!

“We won? Really?” I asked the organiser laughing! I congratulated the USA as we split our shopping vouchers.

I mean..third is better than nothing!

The Botswana stand took 2nd place, and as predicted Australia came first!

As they say in Yorkshire..”I’m well chuffed with that!”


New season..I told my new season I WIN things! YES!

It also may have had something to do our Portuguese dancing and Portuguese music! 😉

Our stand..ha ha:

That’s Sara! One of the Erasmus students from Portugal!

~ by originalapplejunkie on October 31, 2012.

2 Responses to “Day 306..#Study Abroad Fair!”

  1. i just love reading your blogs. laughter, accidents, humor, you say it all. thanks for sharing with me!!!!!! by the way, that was too funny, being so early for class

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