Day 300..#Time

As I typed day 300, I realised that the phrase must mean that there are 66 days left of 2012.

When people say time flies, I didn’t really get the phrase, because to me, time and everything else went so slowly. Then I left the country for a year and time sped up.

This year has gone so quickly.

I feel like I just started my final year of University last week, and I’ve blinked and we’re at the end of October and have reached the end of Week 5 lectures.

Everything is going so fast and I’m scared that I’ll blink again and it will be the New Year, then I’ll blink again and poof..graduation, and again..starting work in the “real world.”

It’s not a scared kind of scared..if that makes sense. Now I’m just trying to find my feet I think. They’ve been free-falling over the edge for some time and now, it’s time to make sure they are planted firmly on the ground for what lies ahead.

I have these plans. Where I see my life going, where I want to be. Who I want to be. All of a sudden these plans have become so real and “life” is tapping me on the shoulder with every day that passes.

Time waits for nothing. No one.

I’ve only just started to acknowledge time. Like..realise it’s presence.

I think I’m ready.

I will be ready.

Let’s do this.

~ by originalapplejunkie on October 25, 2012.

2 Responses to “Day 300..#Time”

  1. Every moment you are where you need to be…and life is just waiting to give you all it can. Embrace it my friend!

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