Day 292..#Sponsored Silence..

A few years back, I did a 96-hour sponsored silence to raise money to help child soldiers in Uganda (it’s a charity supported through the church I go to).

I managed to raise almost £300 for the cause and at the end of the 4 days, didn’t really feel like talking.

I want to do it again.

I want to be silent..but this time, just to be silent.

If I decided to do it, there would be no motivation other than I would like to reflect and take time to be silent and listen.

I know I spoke about this yesterday, but this is something that is in my spirit to do..To just sit and be still.

If I do decide to stop talking for a while, I will still blog and ensure that you guys are kept in the loop..but that will most probably be the only thing..verbally..that I will be actively participating in.

I really feel that this will be something that is beneficial to me in many I think I may have to embark on the journey once again.

What do you guys think of the idea? =)

~ by originalapplejunkie on October 17, 2012.

4 Responses to “Day 292..#Sponsored Silence..”

  1. i think if there is a stirring in your heart to do this, then you should…….

  2. Silence is golden.

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