Day 290..#Random Ramblings IV

On most days, I pretty much just have one lecture a day.

One on Mondays, Wednesday and Thursdays (for will resume back to two lectures on Thursdays in November). I work part-time at my University Union, one day a week, which is also the day I do not set my eyes on any University relaxation day if you will.

Today I’m very tired.

I woke up around 9am, lay in bed for a while then around an hour or so later, got up slowly, had a shower, got ready, had breakfast and looked at the time.

10:37am, the clock read. I sighed.

My lecture started at 2pm and I hadn’t done anything yet and I was already feeling quite tired. Maybe I ate too much breakfast. Possibly.

1:45pm rolled around and I left my house only for it to be warmer than I anticipated. I wasn’t complaining. Three quarters of the way down the street, I’d realised that I left my water at home. I stopped in the middle of the street, deciding whether or not to go back for it. I opted for not.

5pm came and class finished. Everyone filed out hurriedly, only to stop short outside the lecture room doors to hang around and converse with friends.

I was tired, but I went down the stairs to my office to check my working hours for tomorrow and say hi to my colleagues. By 5:35pm I was en-route home and just as I was crossing the road and approaching my house, I saw a car that was familiar to me, but for a second couldn’t place where it was familiar from. Moments later I realised it was the car that belonged to the landlord of the previous house I’d moved into before leaving and ending up where I am now.

As I approached the front door, I prayed internally that he not be sitting in the communal area that I’d have to go through to get to my bedroom door.

I closed the door quietly behind me as I walked to my room with urgency.

I am not afraid of this man, nor am I in any way uncomfortable around him, I just couldn’t be bothered to deal with him.

I wasn’t in the mood.

I heard voices in the room next to mine, unlocked my door and slipped inside locking it behind me.

I was in the kitchen cooking when he left and thanked God for preventing any awkward confrontation.

What he was doing here is beyond me, but it’s over and done without any problems arising.

My mind is at


~ by originalapplejunkie on October 15, 2012.

7 Responses to “Day 290..#Random Ramblings IV”

  1. He’s looking for you and he knows what you did last summer. Kidding 😀
    I would feel the same, just hoping to not cross paths with him. Well, he is the slum lord that can’t take care of his property anyway. You did nothing wrong.
    Hope you continue having a great week!

    • I LOL’d so loud when I read that first part!
      You are terrible..ha ha..
      It’s true..he is the one that should be hiding from me!
      Thank you Scott!
      I hope you have a great week also =)

  2. eek! Not good! Very creepy indeed Apple! Stay safe 🙂

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