Day 287..#News (Update)!

It was just two days ago that I wrote the post about my friend and the book she is near publishing.

Yesterday..completely out of the blue, she sent me a message telling me that her book had been published and now available to buy on Amazon!

It’s such an amazing accomplishment and I am so proud of her.

She didn’t even know I was blogging about her..and I didn’t know that a day (or two later), she’d tell me what she did!

Like I said before..she is an amazing, loving and thoughtful woman and I am so glad and blessed to have her in my life.


Please support her by checking out and buying her book here.

Congratulations again chica!


*First crazy rocking it! Whooo!!!!* 😉

~ by originalapplejunkie on October 12, 2012.

8 Responses to “Day 287..#News (Update)!”

  1. hey, thanks for letting us all know. and let her know i sent my congratulations!!!

  2. checking it now!

  3. Awesome!

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