Day 281..#Blackmail..

I’m being blackmailed by my sister.

Yes. It is possible.

I make funny faces. Everyone in my family does and over the course of the week, we’ll exchange photo’s over iMessage or email or some method.

I felt like taking a funny photo so I did and sent it to my dad and two older sisters.

One of my sisters laughed and added a point on for me on our “Weirdest Face of the Week” dad told me he was going to upload the photograph on his Twitter and YouTube account because it’s so nice (yes, my father has both random!)..and my other sister said that she has added it as my caller ID photograph and in addition to that, she’ll post it on the internet and send it to all her friends unless I make her her favourite dessert this weekend.

I told her I wouldn’t make it and she laughed telling me I wouldn’t risk not making it.

This is a big deal. She would seriously do it. The deal is, I make the dessert and in return she has to delete the photo..*she may have already made copies though..hmm*

I guess I’m making dessert tonight then =)

And no.

I’m not showing you guys the photograph!

~ by originalapplejunkie on October 6, 2012.

12 Responses to “Day 281..#Blackmail..”

  1. You’re no fun, come on share the picture, we’re all friends here! What dessert is it? Blackmail aside, I think that it’s a good excuse to have dessert! 🙂

    • You do realise once you put something on the’s out there forever..can you imagine potential employers stumbling across it and thinking..oh wow..this girls a bit of a nut :s
      ha ha!
      The dessert is a Tarte de is a good excuse to make dessert..I didn’t want to have to make the pastry though so I asked my dad to buy some..and it’s now I have to defrost it..ha ha..don’t think it will be made tonight..not unless it thaw’s in the next 2 hours or so..

  2. O.K., so no photo, but what’s the dessert?

  3. where’s the pic?

  4. Ah c’mon Apple – that no fair! I can imagine that you pulling silly faces would be just one of the most funniest things ever! It’s got to be done, girl! 🙂

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