Day 280..#Ramblings..


Maybe it isn’t the best time to be doing the housework.

It’s 22:45 and I brought out the vacuum cleaner to clean all the hair on the floor of my room after I fixed my hair after the dreadful salon experience that I was lucky to have today(!)

I’m not going to tell you the horrible experience I had and instead speak about being excited!

Tomorrow morning..Like really early..ha ha..I’ll be heading home (to London) for the weekend..where I will meet my friends and we’ll go to our new favourite sushi spot for lunch..then probably get so full that we’ll have to be rolled home..

*Food is starting to make us tired after we eat in our old age..*he he*

Definitely looking forward to that..

All I’m really praying for this weekend is T-2 days of rain *that was a little space station joke I learnt today in class..ha ha..*clears throat*..You had to be there..*giggles*

Today feels like it has been stretched to the extreme.

I went to sleep at 1:25am, awoke at 07:30 to get ready for my 2 hour 9am lecture, immediately followed by an 11am 2 hour lecture after which I headed to the train station..went to collect my new lenses..(that now come in a pretty new box..oooo)

Simple..yet effective. 😀

Then I went to the hairdressers.

Big mistake! Huge.

Then at 5:20pm, I was back home..had a snack or two then as previously stated..sorted out the mess that was my hair..

Now I’m done..and I’ve cleaned..and accidentally woke up some of the occupants of the house in the process..I feel I can have a peaceful sleep.

It’s late..I’m up at 5am.

Because I was such a clever bunny and left my Young Person’s Railcard to expire, train tickets were extremely expensive which means I will take the coach and the train into London instead. It takes longer, but it’s a fraction of the price..I mean who has £96 to spend on a one way ticket?

*she looks around to see if anyone raises their hands*

So my coach leaves at will take us to a train station 3 hours away where we will board a train to London St. Pancreas.

And that’s that..

I’m tired..

I’ve also developed this weird liking to Beef Jerky. Why does it taste like that? I mean..Really?


~ by originalapplejunkie on October 5, 2012.

20 Responses to “Day 280..#Ramblings..”

  1. Ohhh poor girl… your hair… a vacuum? Could it have been that bad? =(

  2. Definitely rambling today Apple! But every bit as fun as always 🙂 Sorry to hear you had an awful time with you hair 😦

  3. You sound busy! 🙂 Hope you’re ‘over’ your hair-catastrophe! 😉

  4. I hate bad salon experiences. Time before last when I got my haircut, my hairdresser was mad at one of the girls who used to work for him. Never let someone who is mad cut your hair…

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