Day 274..#Be Still..


Today, I’d like to make a request.

Unfortunately, I can’t give a lot of details because of the nature of the issue, but I’d like your help.

There is a young woman I know who is pregnant and has been taken to hospital due to some serious complications with her pregnancy.

I’d like for you to join with me in believing that she and the baby are going to be fine.

I’m a Christian..and with the beliefs that I hold, I am confident that God won’t let anything happen to mother or baby.

I know not all of my followers hold the same beliefs I do, and please, I am not trying to impose any of my beliefs onto you..I’m just asking that they be kept in your thoughts.

I’ll update you guys at a later stage.

Thanking you in advance for everything =)




~ by originalapplejunkie on September 29, 2012.

9 Responses to “Day 274..#Be Still..”

  1. My thoughts & prayers are with her as I wish her a quick recovery…

  2. i will keep her and her baby in my prayers, and pray that God does what is best for both of them. he knows the perfect plan, so we need to trust in this, prayers help so much, so i hope we all hold hands together in this matter. thank u for sharing with me

  3. Liked as in “feeling for her and offering support for you and her and will pray like crazy”. 🙂

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