Day 264..#The O2


I’m sensing a pattern..

Now, you all know this is NOT a food blog..but the last few days have been foodified (yes, I think I may have made up that word)..and for that I’d like to apologise..but I can’t. Sorry. Oh darn it..

Today, I met up with another friend of mine that I haven’t seen for over a year (I haven’t seen a lot of my friends because of the year out I took in Portugal..and for us to go so long without seeing each other is strange) and we went to Jimmy’s World Grill & Bar at The O2 Arena to catch up.

Oh what poor photography..*I’m working on it*

Jimmy’s is an awesome buffet that (as you can see) has various types of cuisine!!

I was so overwhelmed, I forgot to take photographs of the food!

My friend and I had a reservation for just after they opened at 12:15, we arrived at 12:30 and left at 15:00. To say we were tired and we were full would be a complete understatement. We tried to walk it off and realised that we were even too tired to do that so we waddled to get the train..I was filming my feet as we walked but then that also got tiring..ha ha.

Inside the O2 – Long walk to the train station

I can’t promise to stop talking about food..because that would be completely irrational..The baking and cooking and eating..



..I’ve lost my train of thought :/

If you are ever in London or live in London and want to go and eat somewhere..try Jimmy’s!

Although, saying that, I wouldn’t recommend their was a bit hard as enough water hadn’t been added to it when it was being made. Unless you like hardish kind of jelly (or jello for our cousins across the pond :P).

You have been warned!



~ by originalapplejunkie on September 19, 2012.

6 Responses to “Day 264..#The O2”

  1. Sounds fattening—but wonderful! 🙂

  2. love the photos, lets me see what areas you visit!

  3. Sounds wonderful – but I’ve got to eat at chez vous first 😉

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