Day 262..#Lunchtime!

I’ve been awake since 08:10 this morning!

I went to the grocery store, came back and started making the cookies and the Tarte de Nata..

You’ve seen pictures of some of my cookies is the tarte being prepped

Then I asked my sister to peel the carrots for me and made the houmous.

The problem with me when I’m cooking and after that if I’m doing something, I sometimes forget to take photos, which is what happened today!

I did manage to get a photo of the starters

There are the carrots, the spicy tomato salsa in the bowl behind the pink jug, the houmous (that turned out quite well..but I thought it could use some more lemon juice) and the bread and crackers next to that 😛

The fajitas were quite nice I was told..I could only eat one because cooking them made me full..

Here is the complete Tarte de Nata..

This is the first time I used caster sugar to make it..I think I’ll stick with Demerara sugar next makes for a richer taste and a better finish..lovely..but here is the finished product

I had an issue with the False Bottom Tart Pan that I used – I was in two minds whether to line it or not..and I went with not..and ended up losing some of my mixture to the bottom of the oven..wasn’t as deep as I would have liked..but you know..was still good.

At the end of it all..I looked over..and both were asleep..or half asleep..apparently I drugged their food..*so they claim*

*I claim they just ate too much..Wasn’t my fault!*

Overall, I had a great day with my girls!



~ by originalapplejunkie on September 17, 2012.

6 Responses to “Day 262..#Lunchtime!”

  1. oh i am so glad it all turned out, and u fed them so well they needed a rest!!!!

  2. World class, my friend 🙂

  3. You skins eat some wierd stuff – what is a houmous? Is it a humorous mouse?

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